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The Town Board is the governing body of the Town of Gorham. It consists of an elected Supervisor and four elected councilmembers. The Town Board is the legislative authority of the Town. They fill vacancies in town offices, may select a town attorney and town engineer, appoint constables and provide for hiring of such other employees as necessary to conduct the town's business.

The Planning Board consists of seven members serving four year terms. They are appointed by the Town Board. The Planning Board has the following powers and duties:

to review and recommend revisions to the comprehensive plan for the development of the Town; review and comment on all proposed zoning amendments; review Site Plans, Special Use Permits, etc.

The Zoning Board of Appeals consists of seven members, appointed by the Town Board, serving four year terms. The ZBA has the power and duty to hear and decide appeals, issue interpretations, hear and decide variance requests and use variances.

The Board of Assessment Review is a five member board, appointed by the Town Board to five year terms. Real Property Tax Law requires that members of the board of assessment review have a knowledge of property values in the assessing unit. They have the responsibility to make final determinations regarding assessments. Training is required.

The Conservation Board is a seven member board that meets on the first Wednesday of February, April, June, August, October and December, other months if needed. Board members are appointed to seven year terms by the Town Board. The chairman and vice-chairman are selected by the Members. The conservation Board's responsibility is the preservation and protection of agricultural, natural, cultural, recreational and scenic resources. The board works with the other Gorham Boards, public agencies and Town of Gorham property owners in the pursuit of its responsibilities and the development of sound open space planning.