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Farmland, Open Space & Resource Conservation Plan

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Town of Gorham Farmland, Open Space and Resource Conservation Plan is to identify, describe and map significant agricultural, scenic, natural and cultural resources in the Town and to present an appropriate course of action for protecting these resources.

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1. Property Owners’ Survey Report

2. Inventory Maps and Documentation of Resources

A. Resource Inventory Maps

Map 1: Agricultural Soils
Map 2: Active Agricultural Land
Map 3: Land in County Agricultural Districts and Parcels Receiving Agricultural Use Property Tax Exemption
Map 4: Streams and Watersheds
Map 5: Woodlands
Map 6: Wetlands (other than Wooded)
Map 7: Scenic Views and Corridors
Map 8: Historic Resources
Map 9: Existing and Proposed Outdoor Recreation Facilities and Trails
Map 10: Targeted Conservation Area and Protected Lands

B. Description of Land Cover Categories

C. Photographs of Scenic Views, Summer 2003

3. Rating System Documentation

A. Rating Factors Table

B. Rating Summary Maps

4. Implementation Resources

  1. NYS General Municipal Law Section 239-x. - Conservation Advisory Councils and Conservation Boards
  2. NYS General Municipal Law S 247 - Authorizing municipalities to acquire conservation easements
  3. Finger Lakes Land Trust newsletter
  4. Conservation subdivision provisions in recently amended Town zoning regulations; Sample design guidelines
  5. NYS General Municipal Law Section 261-b --.Incentive Zoning provisions
  6. Sample Environmental Protection Overlay zoning provisions
  7. NYS Law authorizing towns to charge subdivision fees
  8. Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) Fact Sheet

5. Summary of Cost of Community Services Study